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Stem Cell and Cancer Research (SCCR) established in June 2013 by Assoc Prof. Dr. dr. Agung Putra, M.Si Med. The SCCR occupies on the second floors of IBL Building that is incorporated in the Medical Faculty of UNISSULA, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. The primary goal of the SCCR lies in running research projects in the fields of stem cell (regenerative medicine) and cancers stem cell, as well as facilitating the research collaboration between faculties of clinical departments and basic medical scientists, in other to have an international competitiveness level. The SCCR is guided by the director and the head of each two main division which are the division of the fundamental and applied research.
In the division of foundamnetal research is divided into :

  1. Isolation and culture of stem cell and cancer stem cell
  2. Cell sorting and engineering stem cell and cancer stem cell
  3. Secretome and paracrine signaling stem cell and cancer stem cell

in the division of applied research are divided into :

  1. Autoimmune disease
  2. Degenerative disease

Wound healing dissease