Stem Cell and Cancer Research


SCCR Director

Assoc Prof. Dr. dr. Agung Putra, M.Si Med., born in Bandar Lampung, completed Doctoral Professional Education at the UNISSULA FK in 1997, education in the master of biomedical science at the UNDIP FK in 2011 and a doctoral program in the basic medical science of the UNDIP FK in 2016

Currently serving as head of the anatomy pathology department of FK UNISSULA, chair of the SCCR Laboratory, teaching staff at the postgraduate program in biomedical medicine at FK UNISSULA and actively guiding doctoral program students

Assoc Prof. Dr. dr. Agung Putra, M.Si Med., actively involved in stem cell research that has been published in reputed and nationally accredited national journals.

Assoc Prof. Dr. dr. Agung Putra, M.Si Med. won superior research grant programs from Higher Education Institutions, fundamental grants and competed DIKTI to support research in the field of stem cells

SCCR Affiliated Researcher 

dr. Friska Oktavrisa, Sp.PK., M.Kes.

dr. Sugeng Ibrahim, M.Biomed

Dr. dr. Setyo Trisnadi, Sp.KF, SH

sccr laboratory

dr. Nur Anna Chalimah Sadyah, Sp.PD KEMD FINASIM

sccr laboratory

dr. Azizah Retno Kustiyah, Sp.A.

dr. Eko Setiawan, Sp.B

dr. Vito Mahendra E.S, M.si, Med, Sp.B

SCCR Researcher Staff

Nur Dina Amalina, M.Sc., Apt.

Iffan Alif, S.Si., M.Biotech

sccr staff 1

M. Ariq Nazar, S.Si., M.Biomed.

sccr laboratory

Ardi Prasetio, S.Si., M.Si.

dr. Bhirau Wilaksono

Nurul Hidayah, S.Si

SCCR Public Relations

M. Devi

SCCR Administrasi Staff

Resanti Adityani

SCCR Technical Staff

sccr laboratory

Hidayat Murbowo

sccr laboratory

Risky Chandra Satria Irawan, S.Si

Ph.D Student Fellow

dr. Adi Muradi Muhar, SpB.KBD.

Dr. dr. Adi Muradi Muhar, Sp.B KBD.

Dr. dr. Taufik Sungkar Sp.PD-KGEH

Dr. dr. Imelda Rey, M.Ked (PD), Sp.PD-KGEH

Dr. dr. Imelda Rey, M.Ked (PD), Sp.PD-KGEH

Dr. dr. Dewi Masyithah Darlan, DAP&E, MPH, SP.Park

sccr laboratory

dr. Dedy Hermansyah, Sp.B(K)Onk

dr. Lia Restimulia Sp.T.H.K.L

dr. Ade Indra Mukti Sp.U

dr. Arya Tjipta Prananda, Sp.BP-RE

Master Student Fellow

sccr laboratory

dr. Zakariya HS, M.Biomed

dr. Aditya Nugraha, M. Biomed

dr. Aditya Nugraha, M.Biomed

dr. Novalia Kuntardjo,M.

dr. Novalia Kuntardjo, M.Biomed

sccr laboratory dr. vivi

dr. Vivi Yustianingsih, M.Biomed

dr. Nur Fitriani Hamra, M.Biomed

dr. Nur Fitriani Hamra, M.Biomed

Dr Hj Erna Ridawati, M.Biomed

dr. Hj Erna Ridawati, M.Biomed

sccr laboratory

dr. Arini Dewi Antari, M.Biomed