Stem Cell and Cancer Research

Internship Program

SCCR (Stem Cell and Cancer Research) Internship program is offer to Medical or Biology Student, Bachelor Degree or Fresh Graduated who focus in research basic of medical and biotechnology, especially in cancer and stem cell. The applicant will get training to using qRT-PCR, Flocitometry, and Microscop Flourosence. Other benefit will got from the Internship is skill to culture cell, and ELISA. The requirements must be completely to apply our Internship Program :

  1. Minimum bachelor degree of molecular, biotechnology or medical.
  2. Recommendation from College or institution

Should published a Journal as the output in the end Internship. SCCR have policy to every Applicants and must be in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both. The applicant would get certificate after finish the Internship Program. Contact us for more information.

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