Stem Cell and Cancer Research

Fellowship Program

SCCR (Stem Cell and Cancer Research) Fellowship program offer to residency or fresh graduated who basic study in molecular, medical and biotechnology, especially in cancer and stem cell.  Fellowship Program are engaged solely between SCCR with institute or minimum bachelor degree. SCCR have policy to every Applicants and must be in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both. The minimum duration fellowship in SCCR is about six month or depend on SCCR necessary.

Fellowship requirements and admission

  1. Minimum bachelor degree of molecular, biotechnology or medical. 
  2. Educational objectives completion of a scholarly project, graduate degree, formal course work, etc.
  3. Plan for orientation of VISA sponsor and non-Indonesia trained fellows to the SCCR
  4. Indication of support for the fellowship from relevant senior administrative lead, e.g. hospital PIC or division head
  5. Should published the result of research as Journal

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