Stem Cell and Cancer Research

Basic Molecular Stem cell

This book present all about stem cell from basic to the molecular aspect of Stem cell including :

  1. Basic Concept of Stem Cell
  2. Stem cell cultur and isolation
  3. Epigenetic and transcription factor : stemness-reprogramming
  4. Concept of  Reseptor-Ligan transduction signal
  5. Paracine communication of stem cell
  6. Molecular pathway of stem cell proliferation
  7. Stem cell cycle
  8. concept and terminology of mesenchymal stem cell
  9. hematopoetic stem cell
  10. Molecular danger-TLR : Inflamation and MSCs
  11. MSCs Imunoregulation : MSCs Polarisation in inflamation
  12. Homing concept of MSCs
  13. MSCs role in wound tissue regeneration

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